Alternatives To Adwords – Google Adwords vs Alternatives

Today, let’s compare some alternatives to Adwords. I’ll show you some results of testing and research that I’ve done on my PPC campaigns for my sites.

I compared several adwords alternatives, but only 4 of them were worth listing the results for. The rest produced so poorly vs. Google Adwords, that I wouldn’t even consider them to be viable alternatives for your advertising dollars.

The following tests were done with the same keyword and the same ad content. My goal was to get as many clicks as possible to my landing page. Here is a summary of my average results:


#4. Adwords vs AdbriteAdwords vs Adbrite

Adwords clicks per day: 102 • Conversion rate: 8%
Adbrite clicks per day: 68 • Converstion rate: 3%

Notes: I found Adbrite to be a decent traffic generator with more flexibility than Adwords. They give you the ability to play with your html code and you can customize your ad pricing. Also, Adbrite is not so strict if you are advertising a website related to casinos, gambling, or the adult entertainment genre. However, on the flip side, as a publisher, I found this to be a problem. I found my ads to be running on gambling and adult sites, when that was not my target audience at all. Also I found that a majority of clicks I was getting was from outside of the USA, which brought down my conversion rates significantly. All in all, Adbrite may be good if your website is not accepted by Adwords or if you are targeting an international crowd, but for my purposes, it was not very useful.


#3. Adwords vs Facebook (AKA: Facebook ads vs Adwords)Adwords vs Facebook

Adwords clicks per day: 102 • Conversion rate: 8%
Facebook clicks per day: 112 • Converstion rate: .5%

Notes: My Facebook traffic actually generated more clicks than Google, however, as you can see, Facebook really bombed on conversion rates. The quality of Facebook Ad traffic and conversions is super low. Think about it. Most people on facebook are click happy, not really there with a buying mindset. They are mostly just being social, connecting with friends, or wasting time. Many will click your ad because they are in the mindset of clicking pictures in facebook, but very few will buy in my experience….and that’s been the case with every niche I’ve tried there. They are simply not in a buyer’s mindset.


#2. Google Adwords vs Adcenter (AKA: Microsoft Adcenter vs Google Adwords)Google Adwords vs Adcenter

Adwords clicks per day: 102 • Conversion rate: 8%
Adcenter clicks per day: 8 • Converstion rate: 9%

Notes: Of all the Google Ad Words alternatives, Adcenter was my favorite. Adcenter is much easier to navigate through and seems to have a better organized interface than Ad Words. Also it is much more flexible. You can actually send the visitor directly to an affiliate page and you have much more freedom with using capital letters in your ads and testing out various URL’s. The problem with Adcenter as you can see, is that it generates only about 8% of the traffic that an Adwords campaign can. Let’s face it, Bing and MSN just can’t compete with the Big ‘G’ in terms of traffic.


#1. Google Adwords vs Private Advertising (independent advertising)adwords alternatives

Adwords clicks per day: 102 • Conversion rate: 8%
Private Advertising clicks per day: 92 • Converstion rate: 15%

Notes: For some reason, when people hear of private advertising, they get all shy and want to tuck their tails and run (I used to be the same). But now I realize that since most people never even consider private advertising, there is much less competition. Therefore, your advertising costs are cut in half or even better. Plus my traffic was almost the same as Ad words but my conversion rates almost doubled!

Basically private advertising is when you contact an authority site website owner and offer to pay them to put your ad on their site. In my case, I’ve found that my traffic is much more targeted (see my conversion rates as compared with adwords) and the website owner is willing to take much less than Google’s price per click. I often don’t even pay per click, I usually just pay a fixed monthly price for the ad. With private advertising, you have complete control over your ad, pricing, placement, demographics, target audience, ad code, target URL or landing page, etc. You control everything. The reason why I think most people are afraid to try private advertising is because they don’t know where to start. Well, this video will help you with that. It’s a way to simplify the process.

alternatives to adwords


The overall winner for Alternatives to Adwords was Private Advertising. You have absolute control and freedom over your pricing, ad content, and target audience. It does take a little effort on your part to get it going, but with the info in the video above, it quickly automates the system and takes out the guess work. As I’m finding out, there is no limit to my clicks per day or conversion rates. As I continue to tweak my ad and choose new targeted sites to advertise on, I’ve seen my profits double as compared with Adwords…. and I’m spending a 1/3 of my Google Adwords cost.

All the best in your quest for Alternatives to Adwords!